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Publications in review

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Non peer-reviews publications

Gorsich, E.E., Beechler, B.R., Jolles, A.E., Medlock, J. 2017. A model of endemic foot-and-mouth disease in African buffalo. SACEMA Quarterly.  A popular science magazine published by the South African Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis.

Research Awards

2017 - 2019. USDA- Veterinary Services Co-operative Agreement. Modeling Avian Influenza risk and spread from wild waterfowl. Co-PI with Dr. Colleen Webb (Colorado State University).

2017- 2019. Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Leading Fellowship. How do anthropogenic pressures modify mosquito abundance and mosquito-born disease risk? Hosting group, University of Leiden, CML. (declined)

2015 - 2017. USDA- Veterinary Services Co-operative Agreement. Describing Swine Shipments in the U.S.  Co-PI with Dr. Colleen Webb (Colorado State University).

2012 - 2014. NSF- Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG). Disease Invasion Dynamics: Brucella abortus and Mycobacterium bovis in African Buffalo. Co-PI with Anna Jolles (Oregon State University).

2010 - 2013. NSF- Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP): Disease Invasion Dynamics: Brucella abortus and Mycobacterium bovis in African Buffalo. 

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